Zweihänder RPG: The Dunhallow Mystery E17

Welcome to 'The Dunhallow Mystery', a tabletop live play of psychological horror using the ENnie award-winning Best Game & Product Of The Year Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG.

The mystery is lain bare in a stunning climax to the story! What happens next? Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion of The Dunhallow Mystery!

Dramatis Personae:

* Lord Wesley Winterborne, a male Aradain Bailiff played by Mike 'The Boss' Bossaller
* Madame Krista Wolf-feather, a female Rovaynian Quacksalver played by Walter Fulbright
* Inspector Ceol Marcus Marius II, a male Aradain Investigator played by Tim Cohron
* Ser Harrison Claviger, a male Aradain Cadet played by Nick O'Hare
* Tuck Fitzroy, a male Rovaynian Burglar played by Adam Rose
* Gaunter Kildorf, a male Rovaynian Blitzballer played by Kent Allan

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