Radiator RPG: 28 Years Later E10

Welcome to "28 Years Later", a tabletop actual play of survival-horror and city-restoration using an alpha version of  RADIATOR Grim & Perilous Chapbook, powered by the Zweihander D100 engine. Join us as we meet some new faces for some, old faces for others

Dramatis Personae:

* Alexia Millakova, a female Human Trickster/Illusionist played by Jennifer Ford

* Bernardo Rojo, a male Revenant Dragoon/Pistolier played by Michael Villaverde

* Brother Kileen Franklin, a male Troglodyte Devotee/Godsworn played by Mike 'The Boss' Bossaller 

* Frank Winters, a male Revenant Firebug/Pyromancer played by Christopher Birch

* Kernig Faust, a male G.M.O. Winterborne/White Wolf played by Jason Birch

* Z-51 'Zed', a male? Z-50 Outrider/Sharpshooter played by Caleb Rose

* Intermediate Tier Gamemaster, Adam J. Rose

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