Radiator RPG: 28 Years Later E07

Welcome to "28 Years Later", a tabletop actual play of survival-horror and city-restoration using an alpha version of  RADIATOR Grim & Perilous Chapbook, powered by the Zweihander D100 engine. Join us as Kernig learns to face his fears.

Note: In this episode, Chris was unable to make it, and we agreed to try an experiment where "The Boss" would play two characters.  What we would try is having Chris record his lines later.  While fun, the amount of work it took determined that we will just have characters be played by the GM in the future :)

Dramatis Personae:

* Alexia Millakova, a female Human Trickster/Illusionist played by Jennifer Ford

* Bernardo Rojo, a male Revenant Dragoon/Pistolier played by Michael Villaverde

* Brother Kileen Franklin, a male Troglodyte Devotee/Godsworn played by Mike 'The Boss' Bossaller 

* Frank Winters, a male Revenant Firebug/Pyromancer played by Christopher Birch

* Kernig Faust, a male G.M.O. Winterborne/White Wolf played by Jason Birch

* Z-51 'Zed', a male? Z-50 Outrider/Sharpshooter played by Caleb Rose

* Intermediate Tier Gamemaster, Adam J. Rose


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